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How to Make A Daily Foot Care Routine

We all have routines for a variety of parts of our lives. For example, you might have a rigid morning and night skincare routine, or you have a wake-up and wind-down routine. However, our feet don’t get nearly enough attention in any of our routines and it’s time to change that. Your feet bear the weight of your body all day and can take quite a beating depending on what activities you have planned. It might not be the most glamorous part of our lives to talk about, but let’s dive into how to create a daily foot care routine.

Start the Day Right

If you shower in the morning before heading off to work or school, you’ll want to first start by cleaning them properly. This means actually making the effort to bend down and scrub your toes and heels! (Running water over them does not count as a good cleaning). After you finish your shower, make sure to dry your feet off thoroughly before putting on any socks or shoes. This will help to prevent any unwanted moisture that breeds fungus and blisters.

Put some fresh socks on and pick a pair of shoes that are meant for whatever specific activity you have planned for that day. If you notice your shoes are looking a little worn down, make a mental note to find a new pair. Wearing proper-fitting shoes can help to prevent any injuries or unwanted pain in the body.

Mid-Day Check In

Whether you’re standing or sitting all day, you’ll want to do a mid-day check-in on your feet. No, we don’t mean take a peek at them while you’re in the break room. This can be as simple as a quick stretch or elevating your feet if they are swollen. Keep note of any recurring pains or uncomfortable feelings you might have during the day because this could be an indicator of needing new shoes or insoles.

Ending the Day Right

After a long productive day, it can be easy to head to bed without a care in the world, but we can’t let you forget about your feet! Again, if you decide to shower we recommend a thorough cleaning and drying. This can be your time to pamper yourself and apply a moisturizer or give your feet a nice rub to show your appreciation for supporting you all day. If you have any current foot conditions that require medication or topicals, you won’t want to forget about those either.

And just like that, your foot care routine is done! At Total Foot Care, we care about you and your feet. If you have any questions about your foot care routine, head to our office or book an appointment online.

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