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Health plans which we accept:

*Currently not in network with Humana Gold plan

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Dr. Edwards is awesome. I was having so many problems with my foot and ankle on the right side for over a year. I finally broke down and went to her the first time a few months back. It was the best decision I could have made. I was in so much pain and could hardly walk. She put me in a boot to help take stress off my foot. Then she ordered tests. Insurance didn't want to cover the MRI, but she got on the phone and got not one but two MRI'S to make sure it was nothing that an x-ray didn't show. She is a fine doctor and will do the very best for her patients . I have ended up at this point with a temporary brace for one year to help support my week ankle, but after that I will get a custom brace that will be more aggressive. She wanted to make sure I could and would wear it. It has helped my walking so much, and I am pretty much pain free in my foot. Thank you, Dr. Edwards! You gave me my mobility and confidence back! Also, the staff is very nice and gets back with you within the same day. Sincerely, Brenda Lopez Dec-19

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