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Stability Brace

At Total Foot Care, we understand the significance of preventing falls, especially in individuals over the age of 65. Falls can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities, with statistics indicating that nearly one-third of seniors will experience a fall each year, and half of those who fall are likely to fall again within the next year.


A stability brace is a custom-made, prescribed ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) designed to enhance stability and reduce the risk of falls. Covered by most insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid, the brace is an integral part of a comprehensive Fall Prevention Strength Training Program, which may encompass physical and occupational therapy, environmental modifications at home, and a review of current medications.


Key Features of stability braces are:
- Stabilizes the foot in the presence of weakness and fatigue.
- Stimulates skin receptors to provide feedback to the brain, enhancing postural stability.
- Offers ankle support and reduces postural sway to prevent falls.
- Improves foot clearance, reducing the risk of tripping.
- Lightweight and easy to put on and remove.


It's important to note that the effectiveness of balance braces in preventing falls is maximized when used in conjunction with well-fitting shoes and appropriate exercise and strength training.
We take falls seriously at Total Foot Care. If you've experienced a fall or feel unstable, please consult with our podiatrist about our stability brace and how it can be part of your strategy to prevent future falls.


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