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Wart Specialist

Anyone of any age can develop a plantar wart on the bottom of their feet. They are not a major health concern, but they can become uncomfortable. The Total Foot Care Podiatry & Wound Clinic can help people in Jacksonville, Florida suffering from warts.

Wart Q&A

What is a Wart?

A wart is a thickened growth of skin, similar to a callus, that develops when the skin becomes infected by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts can develop anywhere on the foot. Warts usually occur at the ball of the foot and the heel. Clotted blood vessels that look like black dots are found at the base of the lesions. 

What Causes Warts?

Since it is a virus, it is able to enter your body through small cuts. Sometimes plantar warts can grow inwards because of the pressure your foot puts on them. In this case there may be a callus that forms around it. You may also find that there is pain, tenderness, or irritation associated with walking or standing for long periods of time. Although most varieties can be very contagious, plantar warts typically are not as easily passed from person to person. Still, they thrive in warm, moist conditions so it is a good idea to take precaution when your feet happen to be in that kind of environment.

What is the Treatment of Warts?

Prescription Strength Salicylic acid or compound wart-removal medication can be effective in removing the warts. For lesions that are resistant to this form of treatment, cauterization may be performed under local anesthesia by one of our experienced podiatrists in the office or an operating room setting.

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