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8 Signs You Need to See A Podiatrist

Podiatrists are medical professionals that assist with issues involving your feet or lower legs. They can handle both injuries and the aftereffects of chronic illnesses like diabetes. They may be referred to as a podiatric doctor of podiatric physician.

Diabetes and arthritis are two long-term medical illnesses that can cause foot and ankle issues, but even commonplace events like overuse or ill-fitting shoes can cause brief, acute pain. A podiatrist is more likely to provide you with a quicker diagnosis and treatment suggestions. Podiatrists offer a variety of medical treatments for issues involving the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They carry out surgery, as well as illness diagnosis and treatment. You can check your nearby podiatry clinics if you are having problems with your feet.

Following are some signs that indicate you should visit a podiatrist to get back on your feet.

You get joint pain in your ankles or feet

One of the most prevalent diseases afflicting people is arthritis. Consult a podiatrist if the joints in your feet are frequently swollen, red, stiff, or sore. Disability can result from arthritis, which can alter how the feet function. A podiatrist might recommend procedures that could maintain joint health and ease your day-to-day activities.

Tingling, discomfort, or swelling in one foot

It's common to experience sore or swollen feet occasionally (after finishing a 10k race or being on your feet all day, for example), but sudden pain, swelling, or numbness in one foot for no apparent reason is cause for concern and necessitates a trip to the doctor.

Nail fungus

With the growing popularity of nail salons, the number of cases of fungal infection on toenails has drastically increased. If the infection isn't treated, the nails will grow thick and discolored, and you run the chance of it spreading to your other toenails.

Heel Pain

Heel spurs, an accumulation of calcium at the base of your heel bone, are a typical source of heel pain. Running, wearing uncomfortable shoes, or being overweight can all cause them. Usually, sports and unsupportive footwear are to fault. Overpronation, which occurs when your foot bends in or out excessively while you walk, is frequently to blame. The Achilles tendinitis, which causes pain where this tendon attaches at the back of your heel, can also afflict sportsmen. Over-the-counter pain relievers are frequently the first step in treatment, and orthotics, or shoe inserts, may also be used. Some patients require surgery.

Fractured or sprained foot or ankle

It can happen that you suspect you have fractured or sprained your foot or ankle. Although going to an orthopedist may be your first thought, a podiatrist has more experience treating injuries to the feet and ankles.


The problem, a bony growth that appears on the outside of the big toe joint, can get worse as it grows bigger. Based on the severity of the bunion and the results of an x-ray, the podiatrist can propose a course of treatment.


Diabetes may make it difficult to get enough blood to your feet and may harm the nerves in your feet or legs. Serious consequences can arise from diabetes. Because of diabetes, more than 65,000 people a year must have a foot amputated, or removed by a doctor. A podiatrist can assist in avoiding that. Get any sores or calluses on your feet examined if you have diabetes.

An untrimmed toenail

A painful ingrown toenail may encourage you to attempt its removal on your own or seek assistance from your neighborhood nail shop, but going to the doctor's office is safer (and less unpleasant). If the nail has grown infected, a podiatrist can administer medicine and numb the region while the nail is being removed.


Even if your feet are healthy, have them examined by the best podiatrist in Jacksonville, FL. This can help prevent issues with the feet, toes, and nails. You can discover what to watch out for as well as the best types of shoes and insoles for your feet. A podiatrist can assist in diagnosing your foot issue and determining the ideal course of action for you.

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