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Why Is Regular Foot Care Important for You?

The majority of people take care of different parts of our bodies such as hearts, joints, muscles, hair or nails, etc. However, many people simply neglect to take care of their feet. This may cause serious problems that can adversely affect your foot, quality of life, etc.

As you may get older, the probability of developing a foot constitution may increase. According to studies, one out of three people develops serious foot issues over the age of 65. These issues could be unbearable pain, muscle stiffness, aching feet, and many more.

Continue reading to understand why taking proper foot care regularly is highly important. Moreover, we will also see how you can take care of your feet. You can also consult the experienced foot care podiatrist in Jacksonville, FL.

Why Should You Take Care of Your feet?

Feet are actually the foundation of your body and you must keep them in a healthy state. When you choose the wrong shoes that do not fit your feet properly, you are exposing your feet to injuries. Moreover, oftentimes, when you neglect your constant foot pain for a long time and do not consider approaching a foot care doctor or podiatrist, you make the wrong decision. Remember the longer the issues remain untreated, the harder it will be to get them fixed later. Moreover, if you have diabetes, you must take care of your feet more often since diabetes leads to major foot conditions.

Why is choosing a proper shoe a must?

Choosing the wrong type of shoe can cause serious damage to your feet. Women who prefer to wear high heels for a long period of time are familiar with the feeling of pain and aching arches. However, any shoe that does not fit your feet and makes you uncomfortable, can lead to foot problems. Those who spend long hours standing on their feet must-have shoes with proper cushioning and traction. They must also take a break to give their feet a little rest. You should always choose a shoe manufactured by a top-rated brand. Make sure the shoes fit you correctly and are gentle and comfortable too.

Now, take a look at some of the common foot conditions-

Below are some common foot problems that many people face during their lifetime-

  • Athlete’s foot- This is a condition where you have itchy, burning, or stinging feet and toes.

  • Blisters- This is a state when people see a raised pocket of fluid on their feet.

  • Bunions- Bunion is a condition when you see a bump on your big toe.

  • Corns- When you see any kind of round circles of thickened skin on the sole of your toes or the sole, this could be corn.

  • Heel spur- Heel spur results in inflammation, pain, or a bony protrusion at the front of the heel.

  • Gout- This is a condition that affects your feet when you have too much uric acid.

  • Ingrown toenail- When you see toenails grow around the skin, this is known as an ingrown toenail.

Apart from that, some other foot conditions are- Fungal nail infections, Plantar warts, Sesamoiditis, Diabetic neuropathy, etc.

How to take care of your feet- A Friendly and Useful Guideline

  • One thing you need to do is to wash your feet on a regular basis. Make sure your feet are dry before you wear your footwear. This will prevent the breeding of bacteria and fungi.

  • When you apply scrubs or any chemical peel on your feet, this leads to removing the dead skin. Resultantly, this will help you prevent the thickening of the skin as well as calluses.

  • Another important thing you must add to your list of foot care is regular moisturization. You can buy high-quality moisturizer products on your feet to prevent cracked heels and dryness.

  • You must trim your toenail on a regular basis. Not just this helps to prevent dirt collection but also keeps your feet looking healthy.

  • If you experience sweaty feet, you can use foot powder. However, consulting a podiatrist will be the right step to get rid of this.

Final Words

It’s highly important you take care of your feet on a regular basis to avoid foot problems in the near future.

You can consult a top foot care podiatrist at Total Foot Care Podiatry & Wound Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. Our top-rated and highly competent podiatrists will diagnose the current condition of your foot and offer the best treatment accordingly.

Click here to discover more about our services. You can also call us to schedule an appointment.

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