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Why an In-Home Podiatry Service is Important for Diabetics

Your podiatrist and their staff are vital to your overall health and well-being. Keeping your feet in good shape helps you stay active and comfortable and avoid serious medical complications.

Many people, particularly those with diabetes, rely on regular podiatry care to stay healthy. Sometimes, it’s difficult for podiatry patients to get to an office for their care. That’s when in-home podiatry services become important.

A podiatry house call can be a literal lifesaver.

Some patients have reduced mobility, making it difficult for them to travel. Others do not have access to reliable, safe transportation. Some may be homebound due to other medical issues. Some simply prefer the convenience of receiving care at home.

Older patients are more likely to need extra foot care. Reduced vision, arthritis, limited flexibility, strokes, and more can make it difficult to perform routine foot care like trimming toenails. These patients are also more likely to have trouble getting to the office.

When problems or preferences keep you from making or keeping appointments, the results can be serious.

Putting off or avoiding office visits puts patients at risk for a variety of complications. Sores can go unnoticed. Nails can become ingrown. Untreated wounds can become infected, resulting in amputation or life-threatening sepsis.

Foot care is an important part of health care. Those with complicating illnesses like diabetes need to be extra mindful when caring for their feet. If getting to the office isn’t a viable option, it’s time for the office to come to you.

You and your loved ones deserve to receive podiatry care in the most convenient, comfortable place possible.

Many visits with your podiatry team can be done safely and effectively in your home. Some more complicated treatments require an office setting. But podiatry house calls are a valuable way to keep your feet in their best condition.

Your team can perform routine foot care like nail trimming. They will always examine and evaluate your feet for possible sores or wounds. They will provide ongoing treatments or wound care.

By having a podiatry team come to your home, you can save your energy for other activities. With proper foot care, you'll be more comfortable and mobile. Don’t sacrifice your foot health because you can’t get to an office.

Contact us at any of our Total Foot Care & Wellness Clinics to discuss in-home podiatry services. Keeping your feet healthy is our number one goal.


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