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Five Reasons to Visit a Foot Care Doctor

Foot care is a preventive treatment plan to protect an individual's feet from different types of diseases, infections, and deformities. Doctors associated with foot care are known as podiatrists or chiropodists. They diagnose and treat diseases of the feet like joint inflammation, bacterial infections, fungal infections, tissue injuries, nerve disorders, chronic foot pain, plantar warts, etc.

Not many people visit a podiatrist until they have a serious condition in their foot that requires specialized care. Not seeing a podiatrist on a regular interval means you miss out on the foot care you need. Below are the most important reasons to get your feet and ankles examined and treated by an expert foot care doctor in Jacksonville FL, or other cities.

Reasons to Visit

  1. A change in your routine, like starting the gym, or a new job or hobby, may affect your feet. For example, many people experience foot pain after getting pregnant or beginning to go to the gym. This type of change in your lifestyle may have a significant impact on your overall foot health. Therefore, if you experience foot pain after a lifestyle change that was not there before, visit a foot doctor in Jacksonville FL, before the symptoms get worse.

  2. People with diabetes have to be more careful about foot care because they are prone to losing sensation in their feet and developing wounds that can cause infections. Regardless of the symptoms in your feet, you must visit a podiatrist on a routine basis if you have diabetes.

  3. Pain in the heels can be a sign of a condition called plantar fasciitis. Its common symptom is stabbing pain in the heels after sitting for a long period of time or immediately after waking up. We recommend visiting a foot specialist in Jacksonville FL, or other cities if you are experiencing the symptom mentioned above.

  4. An ingrown toenail is not just a minor painful nuisance but can also become infected and require medical treatment. Proper Jacksonville footcare is necessary to avoid this complication. So don't delay visiting a podiatrist if you notice an ingrown toenail that does not go away within a few days and have symptoms like discharge from the ingrown toenail area, redness, etc.

  5. Arthritis is a condition that can affect the function of joints. Since your feet have many joints in them, they can be affected by arthritis. You must see a podiatrist on a routine basis if you have arthritis. After assessing your feet, the doctor can tell whether your feet have been affected by arthritis or not.

We hope that the reasons to visit a podiatrist are now clear to you. Total Foot Care Podiatry & Wound Clinic is a leadingfoot clinic near me in Jacksonville FL committed to providing the highest level of treatment to each patient. Visit us now to get back on your feet.

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