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How Podiatry Centers In North Florida Manage Patients With Diabetes?

Diabetic patients must take care of their feet more than the non-sugar patients. Diabetic patients often diagnosed with foot ulcers and primary care to them can only be provided by surgically trained practitioners or reputed foot care clinics. Foot ulceration and are the primary reasons for hospitalizations for diebetic patients. A recent study shows that around 15% of all diebetic patients have a tendency to develop a foot or leg ulceration at some time during the course of their disease.

According to a report published by the US Department of Health And Human Services almost 54000 diabetic patients underwent medical treatments in hospitals in 1990, most of them are preceded by foot ulceration. The feet of diabetic patients can show early warning signs of diabetes. Read this blog carefully to know the key roles of Podiatry centers of North Florida in managing diabetic patients.

Warning Signs In The Feet Of Diabetic Patients:

Patients suffering from diabetes need care and treatments of trained and experienced podiatrists. Podiatrists in Jacksonville Beach pay close attention to any changes in the condition of a diabetic patient’s feet. The warning signs may include:

● Skin color changes in the feet or lower legs.

● Swelling in the ankle or feet may be an early warning sign.

● Diabetic patients may feel numbness anywhere in their feet including their toes.

● Pain in the legs or ankle.

● Slow-healing sores in the ankles, toes, or any other lower leg portion.

● Ingrown toenails can also be an early warning sign.

● Fungus and infections in the ankles, toes, or feet.

● Painful bunions and blisters.

● Extreme dryness and cracks in the heel.

● Bleeding corn.

Managing The Effect Of Diabetes Through Foot Care & Treatment:

Foot care podiatry is important for patients with diabetic symptoms. A trained and skilled podiatrist can provide you with proper medications and care. He/she can also help you know how diabetes is affecting your feet. Nowadays, podiatrists and foot care clinics in Florida are playing a big role in diabetes management.

Nerve Damage: Florida podiatry can warn you about the early implications of nerve damage caused by diabetes. The podiatrists can also help you understand the daily treatments and care of feet injuries and wounds.

Ulcers & Sores: Diabetic patients are prone to persistence of open wounds and injuries. Therefore, you need to check your feet on a daily basis.

Use Of Lotions: Jacksonville Podiatrists may prescribe special lotions and foot care products to diabetic patients that they need to use regularly.

Routine Checkups: It is important for diabetic patients to visit a podiatrist on a regular basis. The experienced podiatrists are the first one to observe feet-related problems.

Find The Foot Care Clinic In Florida:

If you are searching for a podiatrist near me, Total Footcare Podiatry & Wound Clinic can help you by providing you with complete foot care services and medications including diabetic foot care, ingrown nails, wound care, heel pain, toenail fungus, skin blemishes, orthotics, bunions, and many others. We can provide you with the best support in treating all kinds of issues with your feet and lower legs. We can help you treat your foot problems with the latest technology and the best foot care professionals in the industry.

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