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Athletic Foot Care for Kids

Kids are known for being extremely resilient despite the amount of rambunctious activities they partake in. While it might seem like they’re invincible, they most definitely aren’t. Today, we’re sharing some tips for athletic foot care for your kids to keep them safe this summer.

Find the Right Pair of Shoes

Before the beginning of a new season, it’s important to get your kids the right pair of shoes. Whether they partake in a specific sport or are particularly active, you want to have the correct shoes. Cleats, running shoes, and walking shoes should all be kept separate to avoid unnecessary injuries and pain in the future.

Shoe starts typically have someone available to help measure your children’s feet, especially if you go to a sports store. Take the time to measure their feet every time you go shoe shopping because children grow quickly.

Replace Old Shoes

While it might seem like a hassle, replacing old shoes can prevent injuries and pain in the future. In other blog posts, we talk about how children can experience growing pains, and how the wrong pair of shoes can cause foot and ankle complications. Luckily, children’s shoes are usually inexpensive and you only need to replace them when the shoes become small or worn out.

Get a Pre-Season Physical

Most schools and sports require physicals anyways, but this should definitely be on your priority list before sending your kids to summer camp or sports. This will help ensure there aren’t any underlying conditions or injuries that you might not be aware of. Again, this can prevent injuries, but also gives you some peace of mind.

Keep an Eye Out for Pain

We’ve discussed growing pains before and how they are extremely common in children. However, keep an eye out for consistent pain complaints or any significant remarks from your children. These can be signs of bigger issues and should be addressed immediately.

If your child is complaining about pain associated with the feet or ankles, contact your local Podiatrist to determine if you need to make an appointment.

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