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Is It Normal for a Child's Feet to Hurt?

Should I Worry About My Child’s Foot Pain?

When children experience leg pain, parents might not consider that the foot is actually the source of the problem because some foot conditions can also cause leg pain. When it comes to foot pain in children, early intervention by a Podiatrist is the key to receiving proper treatment.

One common problem amongst children is having flat feet. Flat feet are caused by the foot not having a well-developed arch. While most children have flat feet with no symptoms, others can experience cramping, pain, tenderness in the foot, lower leg or knee pain, and limping or aversion to athletic activities and walking because their feet and legs “get tired”. A Podiatrist will be able to determine if a child’s pain is caused by flat feet.

When children complain about these symptoms parents may think they are experiencing temporary “growing pains” without realizing it might actually be caused by their feet. Podiatrists conduct physical examinations to asses the structure and function of the feet. They may use X-rays or MRI’s for a more comprehensive look.

As previously mentioned, some children with flat feet may not have pain or limitation of activity. However, others may experience symptoms related to structural abnormalities of the foot that can be difficult to identify. Common treatments are the use of orthotics and custom inserts, or surgery, depending on the condition and severity.

If your child is frequently mentioning to you that they are experiencing foot or leg pain, it’s advised that you bring them into a Podiatrist to get looked at. Early evaluation and intervention are best for determining what kind of treatment is necessary and how quick the recovery is for them to return to normal activity.

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