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When Should You Take Your Child To A Pediatric Podiatrist in Jacksonville, FL?

When it comes to their feet, children, like adults, can suffer from a variety of health problems. When your child complains of foot or ankle pain, you might wonder if and when it's important to take them to the doctor. Your doctor will be a skilled and unbiased resource for further examination and referral in order to determine whether or not your kid needs the services of a pediatric podiatrist in Jacksonville, FL.

How might foot injuries affect your kids?

Foot, ankle, and heel deformities that are present before the age of eight have a better chance of being reversed. When flat feet, intoed/out-toed gait, and knock-knees treatments are done at an earlier age, the results are more hopeful (while your child is still developing).

If a foot or ankle problem is not treated, it can worsen over time and affect other regions of the body, such as the hips and back. Plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, ingrown toenails, and other foot problems can all be avoided if your child's feet are kept in good shape. If you have any concerns about your child's foot or ankle health, the best thing you can do is consult the best podiatrist in Jacksonville, FL for a routine foot examination.

When It’s Time For Your Child To Visit a Pediatric Podiatrist?

If you observe any of the following symptoms, you should take your child to a reputable local podiatrist in Jacksonville, FL:

Constant Discomfort- If your child complains that both or either of their feet is hurting, a visit to a podiatrist is usually recommended. Be especially wary of any foot discomfort that your child mentions frequently, regardless of what activities they've been doing or which shoes they've been wearing. Chronic foot pain with no obvious explanation should always prompt additional inquiry.

Avoid running, walking, or standing for long periods of time – Children with foot pain do not often tell their parents, but their conduct might frequently be a red flag. If your child avoids physical activities like running or walking or prefers to sit rather than stand, it could be an indication of a deeper problem.

Your child's stride appears disordered - While most youngsters "toddle" throughout their early years of walking, your child should settle into a natural gait that looks comfortable and natural as they walk following this initial period. If your child looks to walk on tiptoes, has flat feet, or has their toes turn in while walking, you should consult a podiatrist for more information.

Your child's legs are bowed or his knees are knocked – Both bent legs and knock knees can be problematic for a developing child, so if you discover your child has developed these difficulties, you should seek medical help.

Your child appears uneasy when standing — Be wary of your youngster shifting from one foot to the other while standing still; while this is frequently just fidgeting, a consistent pattern of such behavior needs additional inspection.

Your child complains of sore legs - If your child has an undetected podiatry condition, he or she is more likely to complain of sore legs or weariness. If your child frequently complains about their legs hurting or that they are too weary to walk, this is a cause for concern that should be investigated further.

Your child gets a foot or lower leg injury — Most children will sustain minor strains, sprains, twisted ankles, and other lower limb injuries at some point throughout their childhood. Seeing a podiatrist for further counseling is often recommended to ensure that these concerns remain minimal and heal properly.

Locate Your Nearby best podiatrist In Jacksonville, FL

You can start an online search for a podiatrist near me in Jacksonville, FL to locate the best podiatrist in your area. We, at Total Foot Care Podiatry & Wound Clinic, have trustworthy and committed pediatric podiatrists to help keep your children’s little feet in good condition. We'll work with you and your family to develop a treatment plan that fits your child's lifestyle and needs.

Click Here to request an appointment for a healthy foot examination.

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