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Walking Can Lead to Healthier Feet—And a Healthier Lifestyle

We know that exercising our bodies helps make them healthier. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that using our feet can be harmful. But good foot care includes walking.

Walking Supports Joints

Walking is great exercise for healthy joints. Not only does walking (and other weight-bearing exercise) strengthen the muscles around your lower body joints, it lubricates them as well. Joints are lubricated by synovial fluid produced by your body. Combined with cartilage, synovial fluid helps cushion joints and reduce pain.

Walking can actually help prevent arthritis. Strong, well supported joints in your feet keeps them strong and healthy. Make sure you have well-fitting walking shoes and give those joints a strengthening workout!

Walking Keeps Feet Flexible

Like other parts of your body, your feet can get stiff and inflexible. Inflexible joints contribute to poor balance and higher risk of injuries and falls.

Walking is an easy way to increase foot flexibility. With each stride the muscles in your feet and toes gently stretch. Regular walking helps improve and maintain the foot flexibility necessary for good balance and decreases the chance of foot injury.

If you want to further improve your foot flexibility, ask about additional stretches.

Walking Prevents Foot Pain

Walking can not only prevent arthritis, it can also help reduce arthritis pain. Walking exercises the muscles in your feet, making them stronger and healthier. Those stronger muscles support your joints, reducing pain.

It isn’t only arthritis sufferers who benefit from walking. Increasing the strength in your feet is good for everyone. You may imagine that a long walk will leave your feet sore. If your foot muscles are strong from regular walks, you decrease the chance of aching feet after a long day.

Walking Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

Walking is great exercise. It’s easier on your joints than running, can be done in all kinds of weather, and doesn’t require a gym membership. You can get your body moving with just a pair of shoes and a sidewalk.

Walking burns calories, which is essential for maintaining your healthy weight. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost weight or have always been at a healthy weight. Walking is an efficient, low-intensity activity that burns calories and helps your body regulate its weight.

Walking Helps Build a Healthy Mind

Walking increases blood flow and circulation in both your body and your brain. It decreases your body’s stress response and boosts mood and self-esteem. Studies show that walking and other exercise releases endorphins that help decrease anxiety and depression.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only intense exercise benefits a healthy mind. Walking can be contemplative and soothing, or energizing and engaging. You pick the level and style that fits best with your needs.

Setting a walking routine is even better for your mental health. Walking regularly increases fitness and positivity and provides more calming and mood boosting benefits than an occasional stroll.

Walking regularly benefits your feet and the rest of your body, as well as being great for your mental health. It’s an all-around exercise, and foot care, superstar.


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