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Total Holiday Foot Care

Holidays can be stressful…for your feet! Keep your season festive with these holiday foot care tips.

Shopping, Gatherings, and Travel

Holiday shopping means extra holiday walking. Parties may include dancing and a lot of standing. Holiday travel keeps you sitting for long periods.

All of these activities can be hard on your feet. So give them frequent breaks. When you’re out shopping, sit down and give your feet a stretch and a rest every hour or so. Do the same at gatherings that involve a lot of standing.

It’s tempting to reach for shiny party shoes, but your feet will thank you for choosing a more comfortable option for a long evening out. Wear your most comfortable shoes for shopping and travel.

Walking, standing, and sitting can lead to swelling in your feet and ankles. When you rest, raise your legs. Elevating your legs above your heart can help reduce swelling and make your breaks more rejuvenating.

Holiday Indulgences

Everyone loves holiday treats! But putting on weight adds stress to your feet and joints. Try to have treats in moderation and avoid overeating at holiday meals.

Maintaining a healthy weight avoids extra pressure on your feet that can be painful and cause other issues.

Toasty Toes

If you live in a climate where the temperatures dip in the winter, do your feet a favor and keep them warm. It feels wonderful and it’s good for your foot health.

Winter shoes and boots should be roomy enough for heavy socks or a double sock layer. Try and get shoes and boots with extra insulation for excursions into the winter chill.

Wear warm socks and supportive slippers indoors. Make sure to get some exercise and do some stretches to keep the blood flowing to your feet.

Bonus Pampering

Treat your feet to a relaxing massage to increase blood flow. Make sure to moisturize well as dry air can leave skin parched. Keep warm, cozy socks handy indoors. A little self-care goes a long way for holiday foot health.

Your feet will thank you throughout the year for taking good care of them during the holidays.


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