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Top Five Ways to Keep Your Feet Clean

You might think that the only way to keep your feet clean is with a good washing. That’s certainly a part of foot care, but there are other ways to keep your feet clean and healthy.

Clean Your Floors

No one wears shoes every minute of the day. Sometimes your feet are going to be in contact with your floors. Carpet, hardwood and laminate, and textured tile are particularly good at not only harboring dirt but hiding it.

Dust and pollen blow in and come through vents. Dirt comes in on shoes. And of course, crumbs and other debris are simply a part of living in your home. All that dirt can be germy and may lead to infections.

Dust and vacuum before cleaning hard floors to get the most from your floor cleaning efforts. Keep your cleaning materials washed and pay close attention to areas your bare feet routinely touch, like bathroom floors.

Change Your Socks

Feet are notoriously sweaty and socks are dirt magnets. Damp socks are breeding grounds for athlete’s foot and other infections.

If your feet sweat, change your socks more than once a day to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Changing your socks often helps those with sweaty feet avoid foot odor.

Your socks can also pick up dirt. Germs and bacteria in that dirt can harm your feet, especially if your socks get damp. Do your feet a favor and change those socks a couple of times a day.

Wash Your Feet Carefully

Too many people neglect to give their feet a separate washing in the shower. It isn’t enough to let the soapy water just run over your feet, they need thorough cleansing.

Washing your feet separately allows you to give them a good scrub and inspect them for any signs of injury or infection. After cleaning them thoroughly with soap and water, make sure to dry your feet completely and apply a good moisturizer.

Keep moisturizer away from the area between your toes to avoid fungal infections.

Breathable Shoes

Allowing your feet to breathe while you’re wearing shoes is an excellent way to keep your feet clean. Wearing breathable shoes allows air to circulate and keeps sweaty feet in check.

If your feet sweat no matter what type of shoe you wear, a breathable shoe will help keep the sweat from lingering and leaving you in wet socks. A shoe made of breathable material can help you avoid fungal and other infections.

Trim Your Toenails

Regularly trimming your toenails can help avoid several problems. First, it helps keep them clean. When toenails get too long, they accumulate dirt.

Trimming your toenails straight across helps avoid ingrown toenails and keeps you from cutting them too short. Cut your toenails while they’re dry to avoid tears or bends.

While you’re trimming, clean out any visible dirt. When you’re done give your feet a good wash.

Try these five strategies tokeep your feet clean and healthy. They’ll thank you for your efforts!


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