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The Best Ways to Reduce Foot Sweating

As humans, we typically don’t enjoy sweating and some of the other “unattractive” side effects that come with it, but lucky for us sweating is totally normal. There are a few reasons why you should love the fact that your body is capable of sweating. For starters, sweating is your body’s way of regulating your temperature. The absence of sweating can actually indicate a serious problem that you most likely don’t want to deal with. So, if you’re sweating you can give yourself a little pat on the back and be thankful your body is working as it should. However, there is such thing as “too much” sweat, which indicates a problem just like the absence of sweating.

Even though sweating is normal, many people still go to extreme lengths to cover it up and make it less noticeable. Foot sweating in particular is a common occurrence and often leading patients to feeling embarrassed and frustrated. The good news is you can help reduce foot sweating and gain some control over your body’s natural response to temperature regulation.

Track Sweaty Episodes

First, you want to start making note of when you have above-average sweaty feet. This can help you track patterns and possibly identify a cause whether that’s anxiety, certain foods, activities, or times of the day.

Wear Proper Socks

Many people choose to skip socks and wear their shoes with bare feet. As freeing as this may feel, it’s causing more harm than good and can leave you with sweaty feet and a less than pleasant odor. In the summer it’s best to wear moisture-wicking socks and socks with proper ventilation.

Use Antifungal Powders

Antifungal powders are a great option to reduce sweating and keep your feet dry and odor-free. An alternative is to apply a light dusting of cornstarch to your feet. However, cornstarch does not work to prevent fungus-like antifungal powders do.

Wear the Right Shoes

During all seasons of the year you want to wear breathable shoes like canvas and leather. Check that your shoes are the correct size because shoes that are too tight will crowd your toes and contribute to sweaty feet. Insoles that have absorbing and deoderizing material are also an option when preventing sweaty feet.

Apply Antiperspirant

Antiperspirant is an easy to use remedy for sweaty feet. These products work by temporarily blocking the sweat glands allowing you to go about your day normally. It’s recommended to apply these products to dry feet before bed and washing it off in the morning. You can do this 3 to 4 times a week then switching to using it once or twice a week.

Persistent foot sweating doesn’t need to put a pause on your social life and take away the fun of certain activities. If after testing these methods you don’t see any improvements, schedule an appointment with Total Foot Care so we can give you a diagnosis and treatment plan.

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