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Sports Related Injuries: What to Know

Athletes or those who are frequently involved in sports-related activities are more prone to injuries of the foot and ankle than those who aren’t. While minor injuries aren’t anything to be overly concerned about, severe injuries can definitely have a long-lasting effect on an athlete. If you have a sports-related injury and aren’t sure what the next steps are, keep reading.

Taking Care of the Injury

The treatment of your sports-related injury can greatly affect your recovery and if you will have recurring issues down the line. For minor injuries such as a sprain, twist, or stress fractures, using the R.I.C.E method and monitoring the injury should suffice. Some minor injuries may require a brace or boot to help keep the foot and ankle in line without further stressing the problem area.

For more major injuries such as a break, fracture, or tear, you’ll want to see medical attention right away. These kinds of injuries need professional treatment and should not be taken care of at home. If this injury takes place at school or a sports game, there should be trained staff on the premises to help secure the injury before you see a doctor.

It’s always recommended to give yourself ample time to recover before attempting sports or athletics again. If you push both a minor and major injury too far too quickly, you can cause permanent damage that can result in long-lasting pain.

Should You See a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are doctors who specialize in the feet and ankle, meaning they are the ultimate resource if you’ve suffered an injury to these areas. Whether it’s something small like a fracture or a break, seeing a Podiatrist is beneficial for treatment and recovery. They will be able to properly diagnose the injury and provide a treatment plan that leaves you fully recovered and not prone to further damage.

What’s Next?

If you suffered from an injury recently and never saw a doctor, your next steps should be to schedule an appointment with a Podiatrist to ensure it’s healing properly. If you did see a doctor and are still experiencing some discomfort or the injury isn’t healing, you can still schedule an appointment with a Podiatrist. As stated before, your best bet is to see someone who specializes in these kinds of injuries to avoid any further complications.

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