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Should You Get Pedicures at Nail Salons?

There is nothing more relaxing than heading to the nail salon on a Saturday afternoon and spending a few hours getting pampered. However, we do get a lot of questions on whether public nail salons are actually good for your feet and if we recommend they go. So, if you’re looking for the answer to this burning question, keep reading.

The Risks

Like any public activity, there are risks to going to the nail salon. Really one of the biggest risks of going to a nail salon is the potential to contract a bacterial infection, fungus, or virus. This can be caused by the combination of equipment not being cleaned properly and nicks or cuts in your feet. Another risk is going to a nail salon where staff or pedicurists are not properly trained and certified.

How to Stay Safe

The good news is there are really only two major risks of going to a nail salon, and both of these can be prevented.

To start with the potential for bacteria, viruses, and infections, you want to first ensure you’re not going to the nail salon with any open cuts or wounds. Not only does this keep you safe, but it keeps the pedicurist safe as well. You can also specifically ask for a chair that has been cleaned recently or that they don’t soak your feet in the tubs. Most nail salons use tools that are “one time only” so you shouldn’t have to worry about dirty equipment.

Now, if you want to avoid having your feet worked on by someone who is not trained, you can go to a place that posts each nail technician’s certification to perform their work. You can also ask to see proof of certification and then make sure you make an appointment with the same nail technician going forward. Of course, we recommend you stay respectful and speak to the manager if you’re concerned about your health.

Who Should NOT Get Pedicures?

Diabetic patients and those with poor circulation should not get pedicures. For anyone else, it’s essentially their own risk, just like any other activity you can pay for. If you are a diabetic patient, there are foot treatments you can perform in the safety of your own home to get the same pampering and relaxation that comes with heading to the nail salon.

Our best piece of advice is to adhere to your Podiatrist recommendation and only go to nail salons that have good reviews and are well known for being hygienic. If you have more questions you should reach out to our office to schedule an appointment with a Podiatrist.

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