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Five Signs You Should Visit an Expert Podiatrist

Don't delay visiting a podiatrist if you are experiencing any problem with your feet. A condition that can be treated easily with conservative methods can become a major problem if left untreated. Many of us ignore conditions like foot wounds or ankle sprain. They might not look serious at first glance and can also go away with time.

However, things can change drastically, and a small problem can cause you a lot of trouble. Consider visiting your nearest podiatrist if the condition gets worse or doesn't heal faster than expected. An experienced podiatrist can recommend you the proper diagnosis and treatment plan, which will help you get back on your feet once again. Here are the five signs that you should not take lightly and visit an expert podiatrist if you experience any of them.

1. Ankle Joint Pain

Studies show that many Americans have arthritis, and persistent ankle joint pain can be a sign of it. Consider scheduling an appointment with your nearest podiatrist if you notice your ankle joints are warm to the touch, swollen, stiff, or tender. Expert podiatrists can suggest to you the treatment option that will reduce your joint pain and inflammation.

2. Numbness

Decreased sensation or numbness in your lower extremities is something that you should not ignore. It can be a sign of underlying conditions like tendinitis or fracture. Damaged nerves or neuropathy diseases can also cause numbness in your feet. So, consider visiting the best podiatrist in Jacksonville FL, if you are experiencing numbness in your feet.

3. An Ingrown Toenail

It is a very painful yet common condition that many people suffer from. Some home treatments can ease the pain, but we would still recommend you visit one of our podiatrists for the safe removal of your ingrown nail. Along with removal, we will also give you medication that will prevent further infection.

4. Pain While Walking

People, in general, do not experience any pain while walking. But you must see a podiatrist if you experience pain in your feet while walking. Any injury that did not heal properly can cause you a problem like this. The condition could get more complicated if you left it untreated.

5. Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic patients are always recommended to visit a podiatrist regularly. Diabetes can directly affect blood flow to the lower extremities and make it difficult for infections to heal. Habitual check-ups from an experienced podiatrist will help you to take excellent care of your feet. Our podiatrists are experts in offering top-class diabetic foot care.

The Best Podiatrist in Jacksonville, Florida

Total Foot Care Podiatry & Wound Clinic is the house of the best podiatrists & podiatric surgeons who are committed to treating problems like ankle sprains, corns and calluses, plantar fasciitis, plantar warts, diabetic foot problems, etc. The exponential growth of our clinic is the result of Dr. Candice Kennedy's effective leadership and management. Visit us now if you are looking for the best podiatrist in Jacksonville FL. Our expert podiatrists will be happy to address your podiatry needs.

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