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Cold Feet? Warm Your Feet the Right Way

For most states, the cold weather is still hitting pretty hard and has been for a few months now. A lot of things change during the colder months, including what we do with our cars, pets, and houses. But what most people don’t think to do is change the way they are caring for their feet.

With cold weather comes cold toes, and it’s important you’re not only taking care of your feet but warming them the right way.

Wear Warm Clothing

First things first, you want to make sure you’re wearing proper clothing in cold temperatures. This means wearing thick pants, gloves, warm socks, proper shoes, and a coat. If it’s snowing, you might want to invest in shoes that are either waterproof or have some sort of lining in them, especially if you work outside.

For people who work in offices but still need to commute, you can have a good pair of warm clothes to wear to work and change when you arrive.

Wear Socks or Slippers Inside

Sometimes we don’t realize how cold our houses actually are and we end up pretty cold. If you’re trying to save on energy and keep the house less warm than you’d like, consider wearing socks or slippers inside your house. Not only will this help warm your feet but it’s a better alternative to wearing shoes inside.

Change Wet Socks and Shoes

If you’re out and about or enjoying some winter recreation, you want to make sure that you have proper socks and shoes on. This also includes changing out any cold socks and shoes. Something we don’t realize is a lot of our body heat comes from the head, core, and feet. So if you’re not spending time inside, you should be staying safe outside.

Warm Up Your Core

Believe it or not, but keeping the core of your body warm can also help warm up your feet. This is because all of our body heat radiates from a few major parts of our body, and the core is one of them. You can do this by taking a hot bath, wearing a thick coat, wrapping up in a blanket, or eating some warm soup.

Wear a Hat

Just like your core, a lot of body heat comes from your head. If you’re trying to keep your feet and the rest of your body warm, you want to be wearing a hat. This doesn’t have to be some elaborate fuzzy hood, but can be a simple knit beanie.

Wearing a hat is especially important if you’re outside in cold weather often or are enjoying the wintertime in the snow.

See a Podiatrist

If you notice that no matter what you do your feet just can’t get warm, you should visit a Podiatrist. There might be something more severe going on and it’s best to get that checked out as soon as possible. For more Podiatry tips and trips, subscribe to our blog!

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