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How to Keep Your Feet Healthy – Four Tips for Feet Wellness

Healthy feet are essential for us to stay active. After all, they haul us through thousands of steps every day. But still, we pound them on the pavement, cram them into pointy pumps, and make them almost at the least priority when it comes to self-care. Neglecting your feet may result in several foot problems, but luckily following a few tips can help to make your feet healthy and pain-free. In the section below, we will discuss those tips.

#1 Examine Your Feet Frequently

Examining your feet at a regular interval is essential to spot potential issues at the earliest. You don't always require to visit a footcare podiatry clinic every day to examine your feet. Instead, you can perform a self-exam once every week when you are in the shower.

During the self-examination, you can check your toes for peeling areas or soles for any scaling. These are the two common signs of an athlete's foot. Besides, you should also look for nail discoloration, which is a common sign of nail fungus. If you notice any symptoms mentioned above, visit a podiatrist in Jax FL at your earliest convenience. People with diabetes must inspect their feet every day and get a complete foot checkup twice every year because diabetes leads to a higher risk of foot infections.

#2 Never Hide Ugly Toenails with Nail Polish

Discolored, cracked, crumbling, and thick nails are often referred to as ugly toenails. Therefore, most women choose to hide ugly toenails with polish without knowing that it could be a sign of nail fungus. You may end up making your infected nail condition worse by applying nail polish to it. Instead, visit a podiatric physician to treat your problem from the root. Many podiatry clinics near me offer effective treatment for nail fungus. We recommend visiting one of them if you notice signs like discoloration or cracks on your nails.

#3 Keep Your Feet Dry & Clean

You can't achieve healthy feet without maintaining good hygiene. Consider cleaning and scrubbing your feet every day when you take bath. Once cleaned, dry your feet properly. Always remember that fungal organisms love moisture because wetness is the ideal condition for them to grow. Dry each of your toes well because excessive wetness between the toes can trigger fungal infection to begin.

#4 Choose Your Footwear Carefully

Every foot care podiatric physician in Jacksonville FL,or other cities always recommends individuals to wear leather shoes that allow better air circulation. People with excessively sweaty feet must opt for mesh fabric shoes that ensure utmost breathability.

We hope the above tips will help you to keep your feet healthy. In addition, you must also visit an experienced podiatric physician at least once every year for a complete foot checkup. Total Foot Care Podiatry & Wound Clinic is one of the highest-rated clinics offering top-notch podiatry services in Jacksonville FL. We have years of experience treating ingrown nails, heel pain, bunions, hammertoes, and other common foot conditions. Visit our clinic today to avail world-class foot care in Jacksonville.


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